Glen Onoko snakes.


timber rattlesnake


Glen Onko hikers will find themselves surrounded by a unique Pennsylvania snake habitat.  Respect, not fear, is the call of the wild here.  There are snakes in the Glen Onoko Falls area. All kinds of snakes. So have your camera ready. The only fearsom one, but among the most docile, is the Timber Rattlesnake. They are more afraid of you than you of them so consider your  visit to the Falls area a big bonus if you're lucky enough to see one.  

To best avoid a surprise encounter with a rattlesnake, stay on the trails frequented by other hikers. If you're crawling over rocks or logs probe ahead with with your hiking pole or stick. It's very unlikely there will be rattlesnake ahead but just in case you're about to surprise one, let it be with your hiking stick, not you. 

Also consider wearing denim jeans when you hike in the Glen Onoko Falls area, or elsewhere in the remote areas of the Lehigh Valley.  Not only will jeans help protect your legs from cuts and scratches but in the unlikely event a snake were to strike, the denim could offer some limited protection.

If you do come upon a rattlesnake keep your distance. Take a photo and leave it alone. These snakes are protected by law and the wilds of Pennsylvania are one of their few remaining habitats. The rare cases of people being bitten are usually because the victim was messing with the snake and it bit in a desperate attempt of self-defense. Remember, these snakes are protected by law so let that be a formal reminder that they have as much a right to live as you do. So never attempt to kill one of these rare creatures. Loss of habitat and wanton killings driven by unwarranted fear are the reason their numbers have been drastically reduced and their habitat is now limited to the most remote areas of the Eastern US, such as the Lehigh Gorge area, where the Glen Onoko Falls and trail is found.



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